Міжнародна співпраця - Університет Григорія Сковороди в Переяславі

Міжнародна співпраця

For our international partners

Hryhorii Skovoroda University in Pereiaslav for 35 years provides qualified training of teachers of professional education, managers, teachers, specialists of pre-school education, primary school teachers and specialists of secondary education, specialists in the field of public administration, economics, psychology, etc. The University trains specialists of the educational level of Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Teaching staff gains innovative experience through participation in various types of internships and in all-Ukrainian and international grant projects. Accredited educational programs are constantly updated, harmonizing the integrated experience of international partners.

The University has 3 educational buildings, 2 student dormitories, a library, reading rooms, teaching laboratories, 9 computer classes, linguaphone rooms, a student dining room, an assembly hall, a stadium, a sports complex, and a medical center.

There are 2 research centers, 15 scientific and methodological laboratories, 2 research laboratories, 15 scientific schools, postgraduate studies, and doctoral studies at the University.

Hryhorii Skovoroda University in Pereiaslav moves towards the direction of the development of the internationalization strategy of the educational process of the University, the Europeanization of Ukrainian society.

According to these aims, the University uses all opportunities to obtain international experience in various fields of education and science, namely:

  • participating in academic mobility programs;
  • developing and implementing various educational projects;
  • organizing numerous conferences, symposiums, round tables, international summer camps and etc.

Additional aims of our activities are:

  • joint implementation of humanitarian projects;
  • organization of  youth meetings of Ukrainian and foreign students;
  • organization and conducting of programs and projects assisting of skills development of the youth in social, public, and educational spheres;
  • strengthening connections between students all over the world through the meetings with colleagues, openly presenting aspects of daily life, social cultures, family traditions in the countries;
  • publishing articles in foreign journals;
  • exchange of scientific materials, publications, and information; exchange of educational products;
  • volunteer collaboration for teachers and students;
  • organizing and conducting of master-classes and short-term courses for students;
  • arranging of study tours for the students and university staff;
  • organizing conferences/symposiums to bring experts from diverse disciplines together.

The internationalization strategy of the University has already been developed and implemented in reality. All these actions are directed to the integration of our University into the European educational space.

Main priorities:

  • assistance of European integration and democratic trends of development of Ukrainian society;
  • strengthening of international dimension in the spheres of higher education;
  • quality improvement in all sectors of education through extension international scientific cooperation, the establishment of administrative staff mobility, strategic partnerships;
  • increasing opportunities for students of a higher educational institution to improve their employability through internships and organization of academic mobility.

The activities are implemented in accordance with the mission of the university, its development, and its internationalization strategies.


  • Faculty of Humanitarian and Natural Education and Social Technologies
  • Faculty of Technological and Mathematical Education
  • Faculty of Historical and Socio-Psychological Education
  • Faculty of Pedagogical Education, Management and Arts
  • Faculty of Financial and Economic and Vocational Education
  • Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health Care
  • Faculty of Ukrainian and Foreign Philology

Learn more about the University, its structure, and our international experience here: Presentation about the University

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